Storm Damage Cleanup & Full Service Storm Damage Repair in Lakeside

Winter storms and large thunderstorms can cause damage to your home or business in Lakeside, Colorado. Ice, snow melts, lightning strikes, and flooding are all ways that storm damage can manifest. If your home is damaged in a storm, Anatom Restoration is on call 24 hours  day to provide emergency storm damage restoration and storm damage clean up in Lakeside. Our team is fully licensed and IICRC certified, so we can assist you with storm damage repairs, no matter how severe the damage is. After a storm passes, our goal is to mitigate the damage and provide repairs so that you can get back to your normal life as soon as possible. We’ll also directly bill your insurance company, which means you have one less chore to deal with during an already stressful time. When you need storm damage cleanup in Lakeside, contact Anatom Restoration online or call us at 720-324-3418 for a free evaluation and a quick response.


Lakeside Storm Damage Services We Provide

Storms can cause damage in a variety of ways, while some companies will provide water damage mitigation if the storm has caused water damage, Anatom Restoration is a full service restoration company. That means that we will not only provide water damage mitigation and dry out, but we will provide storm damage cleanup and any Lakeside storm damage repair service that you may need. We can remove fallen limbs, provide mold remediation, and provide any and all repairs to structural damage, which means that we are with you from the beginning of your storm damage project, until the end. When you contact us, we will ask questions to determine the scope of the damage before sending out a team of storm damage experts who will determine the best strategy for quickly getting your home back to it’s pre-storm condition. Here are a list of some of the services we may provide for storm damage restoration in Lakeside:

  • 24/7 Emergency Storm Damage Repair Lakeside
  • Flood Restoration & Flood Cleanup Lakeside
  • Water Damage Repair Lakeside
  • Lakeside Sewage Backup Cleanup
  • Fire Damage Restoration Lakeside
  • Tree & Limb Removal
  • Storm Debris Cleanup & Removal
  • Lakeside Water Removal
  • Board Up & Tarp Placement Services
  • Structural Dry Out
  • Roof Water Leak Repair
  • Ceiling Water Damage Restoration Lakeside
  • Any Other Storm Damage Repair Need You Have

Anatom Restoration's Lakeside Storm Damage Restoration Process

The first step in our storm damage restoration process in Lakeside begins when you first contact us. We take an initial assessment of the damage on the phone, which means that when we arrive on site our team is prepared to provide the repairs that are most urgent. After we fix the major issues, we will assess the rest of the damaged areas and determine a plan for mitigation, cleanup, repair and restoration as needed. Because every storm is different and the damaged caused to different properties can vary greatly, exactly how we proceed is determined on a case by case basis. That being said, we will remove any water that is in your home, dry out any areas that have moisture issues, clean and sanitize the areas that were affected, and make repairs to any property that is inside or outside of your home. We will also make repairs to any personal items, furniture, walls, ceilings, or other structures that received damage. In the case that something can’t be repaired, we will replace them with the same, or similar items. If something can’t be replaced or repaired, we will take note of this so you can get compensated by your insurance company. After the repair work has been done, we will restore your home, which means making sure the carpets are installed properly and the paint (interior and exterior) matches your current aesthetics. When we come to your home in Lakeside to provide storm damage restoration, when we leave, we want you not to be able to notice that there was ever a storm to begin with. When you need comprehensive storm damage cleanup, repair and storm damage restoration in Lakeside, choose Anatom Restoration. We are on call 24 hours  a day at 720-324-3418.

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If a thunder storm or a winter storm has caused damage to your home or business in Lakeside, acting quickly to address the damage can save you time and money. Anatom Restoration is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so we can respond quickly in providing storm damage restoration in Lakeside. We provide our storm damage cleanup,p storm damage repair, and storm damage restoration services throughout our entire service area, which includes: Denver, Arvada, Boulder, Broomfield, Golden, Lafayette, Lakeside, Lakewood, Louisville, Westminster, Wheat Ridge, Edgewater, Morrison, and Superior. We area  full service restoration company, which means we also provide a number of other services, such as: Asbestos Removal, Crawl Space Repair, Fire Damage Repair, Flood Cleanup, Mold Remediation, Emergency Water Damage, Water Damage Restoration, Storm Damage Repair, Ceiling Leak Water Damage, and Sewage Cleanup. Contact us online or call us at 720-324-3418 and get a quick response for storm damage repair Lakeside.