How Do I Know if I need Mold Remediation in Colorado Springs?

One of the most frequently asked questions we get is do you do mold testing or mold inspections? The answer is no, and the reason is simple: If a remediation company also inspects and tests for mold, wouldn’t it benefit them to A. Always find mold and B. Always make sure they got it all? The simple fact is that it’s a conflict of interest to both test and get rid of the mold in your property.

Now to the question at hand: “How do I know if I need mold remediation?” If you suspect you have mold, we recommend hiring a hygienist to do an air sampling test & mold inspection. The only time you should give us a call without a report is if there are obvious visible signs of mold (and more than a little). If you’re not sure, give us a all at 719-284-5163 and we can give you a free over the phone consultation to determine if we should come out or if you’ll need to hire a hygienist first.

Mold Remediation Vs. Mold Removal in Colorado Springs...What's The Difference?

Mold Removal is, as it sounds, the process of removing mold from your property, but it’s only part of the mold remediation process. That’s why, if you’ve ever had store bought mold removal solutions, you may have noticed that the mold grows back. That’s because mold doesn’t grow without a moisture issue, and simply removing the mold doesn’t get rid of the source of the problem.

Mold Damage Restoration in Colorado Springs

At Anatom Restoration in Colorado Springs, CO, we specialize in mold damage restoration. Our dedicated team is committed to effectively removing mold and restoring your property to its original condition. Whether it’s cosmetic repairs to stained surfaces or structural restoration of rotted wood, we have the expertise to handle all aspects of mold damage repair. With our comprehensive approach, you can trust us to restore your property to its pre-damage state. Contact us at 719-284-5163 for expert mold damage restoration services in Colorado Springs.


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