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Mold isn’t always easy to detect, largely because the areas in your home that foster mold growth are not usually easily accessible. Mold can grow in your walls, attic, ceiling, basement, or crawlspace without you even being able to tell there’s an issue at all. Unfortunately, mold growing in these low traffic areas of your home doesn’t mean that it can’t spread throughout your home causing health issues to you and your family. Musty smells, water stains forming in your ceilings and walls, and visible mold are all signs that you might have a mold problem. If you suspect that there’s mold growing in your home, contact Anatom Restoration for our mold inspection, mold remediation and mold removal services in Englewood. When you call our mold removal Englewood based experts, we will come to your home and inspect for mold growth. If we find any, we will make sure to get rid of all the mold from your home. Contact us online or give our mold remediation team in Englewood a call at 720-514-3739.

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Sometimes, when we are called out to provide mold remediation services for customers in Englewood, they will tell us that they tried to remove the mold on their own. Using store bought mold removal chemicals and solutions can remove visible mold, but it doesn’t address the reason that the mold grew to begin with. Humidity & moisture issues in certain areas of your home can foster mold growth in your home and that mold can spread from one area of your home to another. Finding the source of the mold as well as the cause of the mold growth and repairing it is the key to making sure the mold doesn’t grow back. At Anatom Restoration we provide mold remediation in Englewood. This means that we will inspect for mold, find the source and the cause of the mold growth and repair it, before we remove any mold that has grown. By rooting out mold at the source, you can breath easier knowing that the mold is gone once and for all. When you have mold growing in your home, contact the mold removal englewood based professionals by calling us at 720-514-3739 or by contacting us online.

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Once the mold is gone and the source of the mold has been repaired, you may find that you have some damage that was caused by the mold in your home. There’s also the chance that during the mold remediation process, we needed to cut out sections of your wall or ceiling for access to the areas the mold was growing. If there is damage, Anatom Restoration makes sure that it gets repaired before we finish the job. The amount of damage for each mold remediation job differs based on many different factors, fortunately we are fully licensed and certified to provide any repairs you need in your home, from mold or any other reason. When you need mold remediation & mold removal Englewood, choose Anatom Restoration and we’ll get the job done right the first time.

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Mold: It can damage your home and it can cause health & respiratory issues. It’s also not always easy to detect, that’s why if you suspect you have mold growth it’s good to know that there’s a mold removal englewood based company that can take care of the issue reliably. Anatom Restoration provides commercial and residential mold remediation in Englewood, Colorado. When we come on site, we will find the cause and source of the mold and fix it before getting rid of any mold that had already grown. We also will repair any damage caused by the mold so your home will be in the same condition it was before the mold ever appeared. We also provide a variety of other disaster restoration services including Asbestos Removal, Storm Damage Repair, Mold Remediation, Emergency Water Damage, Crawl Space Repair, Flood Cleanup, Ceiling Leak Water Damage, Water Damage Restoration, Sewage Cleanup, and Fire Damage Repair Of course, we don’t only provide restoration services in Englewood, we provide them across our entire service area, which includes: Centennial, Bow Mar, Castle Pines, Englewood, Greenwood Village, Littleton, Lone Tree, Castle Rock, Park Hill, Parker, Cherry Hills Village, Columbine, and Highlands Ranch.