Full Service Flood Restoration in Aurora

When your home floods, even if the flood water subsides quickly, it can leave behind a lot of damage. Sometimes, a leaky appliance or storm can cause flooding in areas of your home that don’t see a lot of traffic, such as your basement. With basement floods, the water damage can go unnoticed for a while, leading to mold growth and potentially even damage to your home’s foundation. Whatever caused the flood, and no matter how big or small the damage seems, it’s a good idea to begin the process of flood damage restoration as soon as possible. The quicker the response, the easier it is to mitigate further damage and finish the flood clean up and repair quickly. Anatom Restoration is on call 24/7 to provide flood damage repair and flood restoration in Aurora, Colorado. Our team of flood clean up professionals are IICRC certified and licensed to handle any size flood repair job for both residential and commercial customers. When you contact our team, we will provide a quick phone assessment and send out a rapid response team who will begin the flood damage restoration process. For a free Aurora flood damage repair evaluation, call Anatom Restoration at 720-659-2340 or contact us online, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Aurora Flood Damage Repair & Basement Flood Cleanup

Time is of the utmost importance when dealing with flood damage. The longer the flooding lingers, the more damage it can do. This is especially true when dealing with a burst water heater, sewage backup, or leaking pipes. Our team is trained to repair these issues immediately upon coming on site. In fact, repairing the cause of the flood and containing the flood waters to the already affected areas of your home is the first step of our flood cleanup process. We are on call 24/7 so we can respond quickly and we offer the following flood restoration services in Aurora:

  • Appliance Water Damage Repair Aurora
  • Mold Remediation in Aurora
  • Moisture & Humidity Control
  • Aurora Flood Damage Repair 
  • Aurora Basement Flood Damage Cleanup
  • Frozen Pipe Burst Water Damage Repair
  • Paint and Trim Services
  • Smoke Deodorization
  • Aurora Board Up Services
  • Crawl Space Water Damage Aurora
  • Ceiling Water Damage Restoration
  • Water Extraction & Water Removal 
  • Structural & Room Dry Out
  • Sewer & Septic Backup Cleanup
  • Burst Pipe Repair
  • Content Pack Out
  • Direct Insurance Billing
  • And More…

Our Process For Flood Cleanup & Flood Restoration in Aurora

The first step in our process for flood restoration in Aurora is our initial contact. During this first conversation, we will ask questions to gain an understanding of what caused the flood damage and what the scope of the damage is. This will help our rapid response team to quickly find the source of the flooding and neutralize it so no more flood damage will occur. We then find the areas of your home that have been impacted by the flood and contain them, so the flood damage does not spread.

Once we are sure the flooding is contained we will provide our water removal, flood dry out & flood cleanup services. Once we have removed any standing water, we will bring in industrial strength fans to dry all of the flood damaged areas out. This can take a few days, with the goal being to return the moisture & humidity levels to normal. This is to help ensure that there will be no mold growth from the flood damage. From time to time, even in the short time it takes for us to arrive and begin, mold can start to grow because of the flooding, if this is the case, we can provide mold remediation & removal services as well. Once the areas are completely dried out, we will clean and sanitize the areas of your home that were affected. Because flood waters can contain bacteria & viruses, it’s very important for our team to sanitize these areas with high grade cleaning solutions that are tough on germs, but will not harm you, your family or any pets you may have.

Next we begin our Aurora flood damage repair portion of the project. We will find all of the areas and items in your home that have been damaged by the flooding. This includes flooring, carpets, walls, ceilings, furniture and any other personal items or home structures. We will determine which items can be repaired and which, if any, must be replaced. Our team of flood damage restoration professionals will take inventory and notes to make sure that it is ready for submission to your insurance company so you will get compensated for your loss. By the time we finish, repairing and restoring your home, you shouldn’t be able to tell there was ever a flood in your home to begin with. If you need Flood Damage Restoration in Aurora, call Anatom Restoration, 24 hours a day at 720-659-2340 or contact us online for a free flood damage consultation.

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At the first sign of flooding, you should contact Anatom Restoration. We are open 24/7 and able to respond quickly and provide comprehensive flood damage restoration in Aurora. We provide our flood damage cleanup & repair services to both residential & commercial customers in Aurora and throughout our entire service area which includes:Aurora, Brighton, Cherry Creek, Commerce City, Fort Collins, Glendale, Greeley, Henderson, Northglenn, Thornton, and Washington Park.

We provide more than just flood damage restoration, we are a full-service restoration company providing Fire Damage Repair, Asbestos Removal, Ceiling Leak Water Damage, Flood Cleanup, Crawl Space Repair, Storm Damage Repair, Mold Remediation, Sewage Cleanup, Water Damage Restoration, and Emergency Water Damage. For a free evaluation on all of your restoration needs, call Anatom restoration, 24 hours a day, at 720-659-2340 or contact us online.