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Mold Removal in Castle Rock CO

Mold growth in your home or business can damage building materials and lead to upper respiratory and other illnesses. Locating and identifying mold can be a challenge as it likes to grow in moisture and darkness, often in areas that have little or no foot traffic like between walls, under flooring, in attics, crawlspaces, basements and HVAC systems and similar other spaces. While you may not physically see mold in your property, if you notice a dank or musty smell, have a persistent cough or upper respiratory issues, or have experienced previous water damage, contact the experts at Anatom Restoration for a free consultation on mold remediation in Castle Rock CO. Our experts will locate any mold present and handle total mold removal in Castle Rock. From there, we provide needed mold damage repair in Castle Rock and make sure it cannot come back. Call 720-514-3739 for a free consultation for mold remediation in Castle Rock CO and other locations we serve.

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Mold Damage Repair in Castle Rock CO

When you contact Anatom Restoration for mold remediation Castle Rock, we schedule a time to provide a free consultation for mold growth in your home or business. Our team has the experience, tools and training needed to locate mold wherever it may be hiding. From there, we use specialized tools and fungicides for mold removal in Castle Rock. Anatom Restoration will thoroughly treat the area to make certain that all mold and spores are eliminated. Once complete, we take a look at the damage and get to work on mold damage repair in Castle Rock CO. From stained walls and ceilings to rotting wood, Anatom Restoration can handle all of the repair services you need whether structural or cosmetic. Next, we treat the conditions that allowed mold growth in the first place so that mold cannot come back. Our experts will look for water damage, leaks, and areas of high moisture and treat these issues. Finally, we contact your insurer to file a claim on your behalf. Call Anatom Restoration at 720-514-3739 or contact us online today for mold remediation in Castle Rock CO. A member of our team will schedule a free consultation at a time that works for you.


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Call Anatom Restoration at 720-514-3739 or contact us online now for a free consultation on mold remediation in Castle Rock CO.  We are IICRC certified to handle water damage restoration  and mold removal in Castle Rock and surrounding areas. Anatom Restoration is the name to trust for commercial and residential  mold removal and mold damage repair in Castle Rock, as well as other emergency restoration services including sewage backup cleanup, crawl space water damage repair, fire damage restoration, basement flood restoration, ceiling leak repair, storm damage cleanup, and more. Contact Anatom Restoration 24/7 for a free consultation for mold remediation in Castle Rock, Denver, Littleton, Glendale, Fort Collins, Colorado Springs, Lakewood, Broomfield, Westminster, Greeley, Centennial, Highlands Ranch, Aurora, Glendale, Golden, Parker, Thornton, Commerce City, Arvada, Lakeside, and surrounding service areas.