Mold Damage Repair & Mold Removal in Highlands Ranch CO

Mold Testing & Removal in Highlands Ranch CO

Mold growth can damage building materials and make you sick. Unlike many other forms of property damage, mold growth can often be very difficult to detect. Anatom Restoration is your source for mold testing, mold damage repair and mold removal in Highlands Ranch CO. Our IICRC mold and water damage company will locate mold in your property, remove it, repair any damages and provide total mold remediation to keep mold from coming back. Call Anatom Restoration now at  720-514-3739 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation for mold restoration in Highlands Ranch CO.

Symptom & Causes of Mold Growth in Highlands Ranch CO

Mold growth is always a result of moisture and humidity. While a certain amount of moisture is to be expected in your property, too much promotes spore development and proliferation. Prior water damage, storm damage, blocked HVAC vents and ducts, plumbing leaks and other issues can all contribute to higher than acceptable levels of moisture.

Detecting mold can also be difficult. Mold most often grows in out of the way areas that have little foot traffic. Obvious signs of mold include stained walls and ceilings, musty smells, and persistent upper respiratory issues. If you notice any mold growth symptoms, call 720-514-3739 or contact Anatom Restoration online. We will schedule a free consultation for mold testing, mold remediation, mold damage repair, and mold removal in Highlands Ranch CO.

Our Mold Remediation Process in Highlands Ranch CO

Anatom Restoration will take your call 24 hours a day and provide a free assessment for mold damage. We begin by asking basic questions about your property and determine if mold testing is needed. If mold tests determine mold growth in your home or business, Anatom Restoration will provide a quote for commercial or residential mold removal in Highlands Ranch CO. Using specially formulated fungicides and tools, any mold growth is removed. Next, we handle rotted wood, stained ceilings and walls, and any other mold damage repair needs. Mold remediation services are then rendered. Anatom Restoration will remove any excess moisture or humidity in your property that could allow mold to return. A staff member will then contact your insurance company to file a claim directly on your behalf. Contact us online or call 720-514-3739 for the most comprehensive mold services in Highlands Ranch CO.


Contact Anatom Restoration for Mold Damage in Highlands Ranch CO

Call  Anatom Restoration at 720-514-3739 or contact us online for mold testing, mold damage repair, mold remediation, and mold removal in Highlands Ranch CO. We are IICRC certified to provide mold restoration, storm damage restoration, and water damage restoration services including sewage backup cleanup, basement flood damage repair, ceiling leak repair and crawl space water damage restoration. Anatom Restoration can also handle smoke and fire damage restoration services. Contact us now for services in Highlands Ranch, Denver, Parker, Glendale, Englewood, Lakeside, Arvada, Centennial, Lakewood, Commerce City, Littleton, Aurora, and nearby areas we serve.