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When Do You Need Sewage Backup Cleanup In Denver?

When people talk about sewage backing up in to their homes, they are either talking about a sewage main backup or a drain line backup. These clogs can be caused numerous ways and a sewage main is a far bigger problem than a drain line. You can usually tell the difference because a drain line backup will impact a single bathroom, whereas if your sewage main is clogged, flushing one toilet can make all of the other toilets in your house overflow. Unfortunately, any sewage backup in Denver is cause for concern. Raw sewage contains pathogens that are harmful to your health and must be properly handled and disposed of safely so it doesn’t affect your or your family. The good news is that Anatom Restoration is on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide emergency sewage backup cleanup in Denver and the surrounding areas. Give us a call at 720-514-3739 or contact us online  for a fast response.

Sewage Backup Cleanup In Denver Co

Our Denver Sewage Backup Cleanup Process

No matter when you call, a sewage cleanup Denver CO-based technician from Anatom Restoration is available to provide a consultation over the phone. The technician you speak with is an experienced sewage backup and water damage expert who will ask important questions about the nature of your backup. This allows us to gather the needed tools and be on-site in about an hour to properly deal with the situation. Our sewage cleanup Denver CO-based team takes steps to stop raw sewage from spreading to unaffected areas and moves personal property to a safe area before starting on sewage backup cleanup in Denver CO. Using special tools and pumps, raw sewage is extracted and the area or areas affected are thoroughly sanitized with hospital grade cleaners. Next, we get started on sewage backup repair, performing any needed demolition services to areas that sewage may have seeped into. Cabinets, floors, carpet, drywall, and other porous building materials are removed and replaced. The areas are again cleaned and sanitized and finishing touches like new wallpaper or paint are applied. Once all work is completed, Anatom Restoration will submit an insurance claim on your behalf and follow up on any adjustment or billing questions they may have. When you experience a sewage backup or septic backup in Denver CO, contact the experts at Anatom Restoration 24 hours a day by calling 720-514-3739.

What Causes Sewage Backup In Denver CO?

Depending on why your sewage is backing up (main line or drain line) there can be a number of causes. In the case of a drain line clog, something as simple as flushing the wrong things can lead to a sewage backup. With a main line backup, the issue can be more complex, and can include, heavy rains & flooding, collapsed sewage lines, tree roots growing through your sewer lines, or sump pump failures. In some cases you may have warning that your sewage system is backing up. If your toilets aren’t flushing properly, if there are bubbles forming around your drains, or if you notice foul odors coming from your drains, you may be about to experience a sewage backup. Of course, not all backups can be prevented, so if you do find yourself with a sewage backup emergency on your hands, it’s good to know that the technicians at Anatom Restoration are always on call for sewage backup cleanup in Denver CO.


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Contact us online or call 720-514-3739 for emergency sewage cleanup in Denver CO. Anatom Restoration can handle all of your sewage backup cleanup & repair any damage that was caused because of the backup. We also provide residential & commercial water damage restoration, storm damage repair, fire damage repair, and mold remediation services in Denver and surrounding service areas. Contact us now for a free consultation in Denver, Glendale, Fort Collins, Parker, Lakewood, Aurora, Commerce CityArvada, Englewood, Centennial, Littleton, Highlands Ranch, Lakeside, and beyond.